“Fukushima 3 Years On and Implications for UK Nuclear Power Plans”

Chair and 1.Introduction by​ Kate Hudson, General Secretary, CND


2.Rik, a member of Kick Nuclear! “Fukushima: What’s been happening the last few years.”
3.Dr. Paul Dorfman, Senior Researcher, The Energy Institute, University College London: “The impact of Fukushima on plans for new nuclear.”
4.Geoff Read and another Fukushima evacuee, speaking about “The nuclear evacuees’ experience.”
5.Dr. David Lowry, independent research policy consultant, on nuclear issues: “Nuclear's insecurity of supply” and “The truth about evacuation zones as a lesson from Fukushima.”
6.Dr. Chantal Gahlinger, Political Secretary of the Swiss Standing Committees for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy: “Plans for the Swiss energy transition after the nuclear phase-out.”

8.Shigeo Kobyashi, JAN UK: announcements: other Fukushima anniversary events and continuing anti-nuclear vigil outside Japanese Embassy